Kitchener Stitch Pin

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How many times have you seen Kitchener Stitch used in a pattern and thought, “Wait, how do I do that again?” We’ve all been there. Enter the Kitchener Stitch Pin, the newest member to Twig & Horn's K2TOG Club. This enamel pin features a unique hinged, two-layer design. Lift the cover to reveal easy step-by-step directions for the Kitchener Stitch engraved on the interior. With the Kitchener Stitch Pin, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a beautiful piece of art to add to your favorite knitting bag, as well as a handy reference tool for the Kitchener Stitch. Featuring the trademark Twig & Horn color palette with graphics and fonts modeled after vintage book covers, we’re certain this pin will be an instant favorite in your flair collection.

Made in the USA. 1.44 oz.

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