Crochet Cuties

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Crochet Cuties: Patterns for 24 Dolls and 60 Clothes and Accessories - Fabulous fun: Make one or all of these crochet friends! By changing facial features, hairstyles, and wardrobe, you can make a variety of characters, each with their own personality. Instructions for 24 unique doll options are given, but the possibilities are endless. Once you make your dolls, give them a full wardrobe of crochet dresses, sweaters, shawls, purses, shoes, hats, bunny slippers, and so much more. Give them as gifts, or create a plentiful play set.

The dolls and their accessories are quick and easy to make, and are perfect for using up small amounts of leftover yarn and to try new stitches and techniques. You can make several pieces for your doll in just an hour or two. These adorable dolls are fun to crochet and adorn in infinite ways!

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