Urth Yarns X-Wing Kit


Designed by Marin Melchior X-Wing uses Urth's Monokrom Fingering and Uneek Fingering – 1 skein of each for a total of 650 - 870 yards (594 - 796 m). The pattern is included in the price but delivered to your Ravelry account. 

“This is designed as a scarf, but you could sew the ends and make a cowl or do whatever pleases you. I designed it to use only one skein of each colorway. You could make it longer buy purchasing/using more yarn. It would also make a great ‘dresser scarf” or decorative, interior piece, in cotton or linen… there are so many possibilities…”

Drop ship kits are not eligible for in-store pick-up, as they are shipped directly from the distributor.

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