Frabjous Fibers Polwarth 8 oz Braid

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From Frabjous Fibers, the 2023 LYS Day Limited Edition fiber braid is "In the Nick of Lime".  This set of 3 fiber braids is kettle-dyed in small batches on fiber from organically raised polwarth sheep. Available only while supplies last, this is a one-time special creation!

Organically raised polwarth is a favorite among spinners who love the softness of Merino, but want the smooth draft-ability of a longer staple fiber. It makes for pure spinning pleasure, and is also excellent for felting. The loftiness of the fiber allows it to easily pull of in fine wisps to create delicate felted items. It resists pilling and holds its shape well, making it a good choice for vessels and wearables. Frabjous handles the wool top with care to ensure it is lofty and easily drafted. It's easier and more enjoyable to work with quality fiber, and consequently, it yields a better result! Due to the nature of hand dyeing, colors may differ slightly from braid to braid. If working from multiple braids, mix them together as you spin for the most blended look.

Also available on Merino-Sparkle base

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