Mother's Day Gift Set - Mellow

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The "Mellow" Crochet Gift Set offers up a perfect blend of warmth and elegance.

This set boasts magnificent metallic copper crochet hooks with beautifully crafted walnut-hued wooden handles, creating a classy, warm blend. Beyond their aesthetic charm, these hooks are designed to enhance your crafting experience. The smooth, glossy, ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip, making each crochet session a lovable and rewarding experience.

From Knit Pro (formerly Knitter's Pride).

The Mellow Set includes:

7 Crochet Hooks (US Sizes): 3.0mm, E, G, US7, H, I & J 

Accessories: Wool Needle, Scissors, Tape Measure, 10 Metal Stitch Markers, plus Case

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