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1771 Peavine Road, Ste. 102
Crossville, Tennessee 38571
Telephone (931) 707-1255
Mastering Mistakes

As a knitting addict once said, you never stop making you might as well learn to fix them! Learn how to diagnose your mistakes, and the simple solutions that will get you back on track. This class includes tinking, dropped stitches (knit & purl & multiples), repairs, lifelines, and more.

Fair Isle 102

Explore knitting with genuine Shetland wool yarn while you take the next step in your Fair Isle journey. Add more colors (still only 2 at a time!!) for a traditional motif and create a unique hat. (Choose one of our colorways or design your own.) Learn details about charts, color changes, managing ends and blocking. When you've completed the hat, you will have most of the tools you need for knitting Fair Isle garments.