Unplanned Peacock 4 oz Rambouillet

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Sometimes called French merino, Rambouillet sheep can trace their history back to 1786 when Charles III, the King of Spain, granted a request from his cousin, King Louis XVI of France, and sent 359 carefully selected Spanish merino rams and ewes to help improve the native French stock. The sheep were sent to the royal farm, the Bergerie royale, in Rambouillet where, according to government records, they have been bred since 1801. In 1889, the Rambouillet Association was formed in the United States with the aim of preserving the breed. 

Hand-dyed by Unplanned Peacock, this long staple, gorgeously soft Rambouillet top is easy to spin for beginners and experts alike. It is very springy, soft and durable. Sourced exclusively from USA farms.

21.5 microns – 4 oz.

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