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Finished Mystery Knits!
Tips on Blocking - by Susan Bachman
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Finished Mystery Knits!

Tips on Blocking - by Susan Bachman
Ask anyone at the Shop, I love cowls!

But they can be hard to block, especially when they have a lot of lace.

I don't like the creases made if blocking flat, and its hard to block the underside at the same time as the top.

So I have come up with a fool-proof method for blocking pieces that are knit in the round.

I haven't tried this on a sweater yet but I bet it would work!

Take an interlocking floor mat (which are great to have around for blocking and are pretty inexpensive too.

Place ironing board on top of it and trace shape.
Cut out the shape.
And place on ironing board.

Place a towel over the pad and slide your cowl (or other circular knit) on.

At this point you can steam or spray water on the part that is on the surface of the board. I like to use a spray bottle and saturate the knit.

At this point you can stretch knit to the correct size and open up the lace work.

Start pinning. And use lots!

Once that section is dry, unpin, rotate and repeat!

I divided the Mystery cowl into three sections. It took 3 or 4 days and came out great!

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